Access Private Channels

How to be a Member and Access Private Channels?

  1. Send a donation through PayPal in the amount of:
    • $3.99 for one (1) month Standard Membership;
    • $5.49 for one (1) month Premium Membership;
    • $7.49 for two (2) months Standard Membership; or
    • Type an amount in the input box not less than $9.49 for 2 months Premium Membership.
  2. PayPal will forward a notification email to after the successful transaction of donation.
  3. Within few minutes or hours you will receive an account (username and password) through email that you can use in logging in at StreamWink.

Paypal Donation Link

  • The link below or in the sidebar will guide you to the process.

Term and Condition

Where Does the Donation Go?

How to Login

  1. Tap the Log in link situated at the top right of header bar.
  2. Login page will display. Enter the username and password you have received from the admin.
  3. Tap Login